Maria Douich

Name: Maria Douich
Company Name: etouches
What does your company do? Oversee inbound and outbound marketing emails by developing strategic campaign workflows that support our lead nurturing program and inside sales activities.  With lead conversion as a goal, we work closely with the sales team to open communication channels with marketing and unify all marketing efforts to achieve the company’s objective for a strong global presence in the event management software market.
When did you start your first company and what made you make the leap into business ownership? 🙁 not there yet, but after some corporate experience I would like to start my own marketing/PR firm.
What has been your biggest achievement so far? In just one year at my current job, I was able to learn all I can about marketing automation, content, social media and best practices in lead generation, as a result, I was promoted only after 6 months in the company!
What has been your biggest challenge so far? Balancing life between being a mother and working full time. There is always a feeling of guilt when dedicating more time to work or the other way around. Most jobs need 150% and as a mom, most of the time that’s impossible. This is a huge growth inhibitor.
How do you define success? Success is finding a career/profession where you have passion.
Finally, what advice do you have for other entrepreneurs? My advice is not necessarily for other entrepreneurs, but for all full time working single moms: it’s possible, ask and accept the help and work hard, the difficulties are only temporary.  JUST KEEP SWIMMING!
Date:  February 7, 2017

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