Jennifer Clark

Name: Jennifer Clark
Company Name: Emerge Events
What does your company do? Plan events, for Emerge Events and for other businesses and nonprofit organizations.
When did you start your first company and what made you make the leap into business ownership? In 2011 I was sitting at a coffee shop with someone who asked me where I saw myself in the future. I mentioned I wanted to open my own event planning company one day. She immediately told me of an idea for an event she had and did not let my dream off the hook. That event happened that year and Emerge Events was born!
How did you get your first customer? I guess I was my own first customer! After that, relationships and word-of-mouth referrals.
Who is the right person to book your services or buy your products? A great fit for my services is a business or organization that has an event or idea for an event that they don’t have the staffing to manage on their own.
What does owning your own business allow you to do? There are 2 things I especially love about running my own business. 1) Turning ideas I have into reality. 2) Flexibility. I feel like an artist! Taking a blank canvas of an event idea, and turning it into something exceptional for others to enjoy. And the flexibility of owning a business allows me to be available when my children need me.
What has been your biggest achievement so far? Really any time I hear about a person who made an important connection or wonderful memory at one of my events.
What has been your biggest challenge so far? Lack of time to do everything I need/want to do.
When you look at your business in 5 years, where do you hope it will be? I work to constantly hone my skills and knowledge in the world of event planning and business management. I want to continue to grow in my business, and have my events in turn get stronger and stronger each year. And I would love to see the implementation of several new ideas I have!
How do you define success? Letting go of fear and other barriers that tend to hold people back and embracing the path that we find ourselves on. Making this journey the best possible journey for us. (And to be able to make a living along the way!)
Finally, what advice do you have for other entrepreneurs? Constantly learn new things and look for inspiration everywhere. And be sure to implement new skill and new ideas! Try to stop letting fear hold you back from moving forward.
Date:  March 8, 2017

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