Cori Boudin

Name: Cori Boudin
Company Name: Bottom Line Productions
What does your company do? Built upon my expertise as an Executive Content Producer/Content Production Expert, my company produces content that drives sales and Bottom Line profits for clients of all sizes and across a growing spectrum of industries.  Each client hires me and my team to execute the production of each piece of content to achieve a specific measurable goal.  We work together to figure out the scope, budget and timeline for each project, and upon approval, I then hire and manage all necessary resources to deliver the end product on time and on budget.
When did you start your first company and what made you make the leap into business ownership? After more than 15 years as a loyal employee, I left the comfort of my staff job at an Interpublic Group agency (one of the top Four global advertising agencies) to grow my career as a freelancer.  Over these last half-dozen years I’ve been contracted to work for the other three industry leaders:  WPP Group, Publicis Groupe, and the Omnicom Group, as well as multiple boutique agencies.
How did you get your first customer? Within a week of announcing my career move to an independent freelancer, I was invited to produce a huge national campaign for AT&T.  It was my biggest production to date, helping to build my confidence as a freelancer and broadening my skill set in both the analog and digital worlds of content production across all media.  Since then, I’ve been growing my business through my expanding network of professionals, notably with entrepreneurs and small digitally-driven firms committed to their own growth.  Honestly, most New Business comes from recommendations from satisfied clients and vendors who enjoy working with me.
Who is the right person to book your services or buy your products?  Whether you work in a legacy agency, a boutique firm or entirely outside the media business, if you need professional quality content for your website or social channels, I likely can help.  My recent experience includes all forms of traditional B2C broadcast TV, social, corporate and digital content including web banner production and GIF production, as well as creating and delivering a myriad of content for YouTube, Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram and Twitter.  Other recent projects include producing B2B and B2I content, always with measurable objectives defined up front.
What does owning your own business allow you to do? It affords me the freedom to make my own schedule and hours.  I’m now also able to choose projects I’m passionate and excited about, rather than projects promoting products or services I may not support.  Most importantly, it allows me to strive towards the greater work-life balance.  While freelancing superficially seems riskier than working as an employee, in todays work climate, it actually affords me greater income security.  Now the onus is totally on me to provide the maximum measurable ROI (return on investment) for each and every client, and I’m judged on my performance every day.
What has been your biggest achievement so far?  I’m proud of transitioning from an employee producing TV commercials to a freelancer increasingly producing digital content across multiple platforms, all while raising my two young children in a loving family with my supportive husband.
What has been your biggest challenge so far?  I’d say its all about balancing work and family life, and staying focused on the Big Picture.  I still find it tough passing up potential business and holding out for quality projects when I’m responsible for generating a consistent income.  That’s especially the case during slower periods between projects, as well as when overlapping projects require me to work double-time.
When you look at your business in 5 years, where do you hope it will be? I’m committed to staying focused on the Big Picture, continuing to grow my own skill set while assembling a team of high-caliber producers.  I envision collaborating with fellow professionals across a broad spectrum of industries to produce an ongoing series of innovative events that engage and inspire people to be their very best.  From my own career experience, I clearly see the trend towards collaboration beyond traditional silos and industries, and I’m committed to engaging experts to join me at the center of this exciting transformation.
How do you define success?  While I always define my clients’ success in measurable terms, I can’t define my own personal success with such precision.  That’s because my clients’ projects all have clear beginning and end points, while my life is an ongoing evolution.  Personal success for me is not about reaching any particular place or income or status level.  Rather, it’s about balancing my professional career with my family life, while maintaining my health and having fun with close friends.
Finally, what advice do you have for other entrepreneurs?  First and foremost:  Find wise mentors willing to invest their time in your growth and development.  While most people freely offer advice, it’s tough finding quality professionals willing to invest their scarcest asset — their time.  So my advice is simply this:  Identify experts in your chosen field, and first commit to helping them address their own business challenges. Doing so will earn their respect, and they will reciprocate by sharing their wisdom and sage advice.  Second, don’t focus on your business at the expense of your personal life.  While there will certainly be periods when your business is all-consuming, don’t forget the importance of surrounding yourself with supportive friends and family — you’ll need them, and they’ll need you 🙂

Date:  April 18, 2017

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